Responsible Gaming

Casino Nova Scotia provides an entertainment experience to guests in a manner that encourages healthy play. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, Casino Nova Scotia is deeply committed to supporting a number of Responsible Gambling and healthy play initiatives.

We are committed to:

  • Educating our employees about Healthy Play vs. Problem Gambling and providing them with the resources to help patrons in distress
  • Providing information and assistance to our guests through Healthy Play literature and numerous support programs
  • Participating in industry-wide programs and initiatives to increase awareness nationally and in the community
  • Supporting and participating in Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation’s (NSGC) year-round Gambling Literacy Campaign that promotes healthy and safer play
  • Hosting Responsible Gambling Resource Centers which are located on-site at Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax and Sydney near the main lobbies. The Centers are managed by staff knowledgeable about healthy play, games knowledge and trained in addictions and crisis management from LifeWorks. To find out more about the Centers visit

Since opening, Casino Nova Scotia has contributed $1 million annually to Nova Scotia Department of Health to encourage responsible gambling awareness. Proportionally, this is the largest contribution to responsible gambling made by a Canadian casino. A portion of the fund has been used to set up and operate the Province problem gambling help line.

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Please note that the Nova Scotia Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Line is available 24hrs a day for anyone experiencing a crisis, or someone they care about. The number is 1-888-429-8167.