Privacy Policy

Casino Nova Scotia and Your Personal Information

Casino Nova Scotia (the “Casino”) is committed to and accountable for the protection and proper use of your Personal Information. Our commitment extends to meeting or exceeding all legislated requirements related to Personal Information. In this Privacy Policy, the term “Personal Information” refers to any information about an identifiable individual, excluding the name, title, business address and business phone number of an employee of an organization.

In this Privacy Policy, “we” and “us” refers to Casino Nova Scotia and its affiliates. Each is referred to respectively as the Casino. We do not give, rent or sell Personal Information to any organization other than affiliates of the Casino and companies contracted to process and manage transactions and communications, except as may be required by law. We also take all reasonable precautions to prevent accidental disclosure of your Personal Information. You are encouraged to keep your Personal Information accurate and current. We will provide you with access to your Personal Information as soon as possible and, in any event, within 30 days of your request. Please address your inquiry to the Promotions desk at the Casino, or contact our customer service representatives via our toll-free number. For more information about our privacy policies and practices, contact our Privacy Officer:

Attention: Privacy Officer
 Casino Nova Scotia
1983 Upper Water St
Halifax, NS
B3J 3Y5
Ph: 902-425-7777 

What Information We Collect and How We Use It

The Player’s Club Program

Members of the Player’s Club program provide the Casino with Personal Information. All use of the Player’s Club program is subject to the terms and conditions of the program. However, in summary, the program collects and uses this Personal Information for the following purposes:

  • To administer the Player’s Club Program, including the management of accounts to accurately record, update and redeem Player’s Club rewards;
  • To process reward redemption, including the issuance of reward vouchers;
  • To administer and maintain detailed information related to gaming activities;
  • To communicate information and offers to our members; and
  • To enable members to participate in promotions and contests.

Personal Information related to Player’s Club members’ preferences is collected and used so that the Casino can tailor its services and facilities to meet and exceed the needs of our members and customers. Information will be maintained as long as a member maintains an active account. All inactive accounts (with no activity within an eighteen-month period) will be purged from the Casino’s system on a regular basis.

The Casino Website

The goal of the Casino website (the “Website”) is to be your premier destination for gaming-related information on the Internet. To achieve this goal, we need to understand what services and products best meet the needs of our consumers and, to that end, we collect certain information via the Website. We collect two types of information, “anonymous information” and “Personal Information”. When you go to information portions of the Website and move from page to page, read pages or download content onto your computer, we learn about which pages are visited and what content is downloaded. However, none of this is associated with you as an individual. It is measured only in aggregate. We use this information to find out how many people visit our Website and which sections of the Website are visited most frequently. This helps us to know what type of information is most useful to you so that we can improve our Website and make it easier for you to access information. We record the statistical information on the numbers of visitors to our Website, but no personally-identifiable information is compiled, kept or used. When you visit the Website, our web servers automatically collect a limited amount of information. This information helps in the assessment and administration of information services and is used only for that purpose. This information includes:

  • The page from which you arrived,
  • The date and time of your page request,
  • The Internet domain name or IP address your computer is using to receive information,
  • The type and version of your browser, and
  • The name and size of the file you request.

Your Internet domain name or IP address may identify you depending in large part, on the naming standards followed by your Internet service provider. You may wish to ask them about their policies and practices in this regard. In addition to this anonymous information, we may also collect information that is about an identifiable individual, referred to in this policy as Personal Information. Personal information includes information that tells us specifically who you are, such as an e-mail address, name, birthday, telephone number or postal address. We will only collect Personal Information in circumstances where it is necessary to provide a specific, requested service. This information is obtained if you supply it voluntarily via e-mail addresses or through forms posted on the Website. We collect Personal Information in the following ways from different parts of the Website:

  • Personal information is gathered when you voluntarily register with the Website
  • If you contact us by e-mail, we will keep a record of that correspondence, but only so that we may respond to the e-mail
  • Specific functionality, such as enrolling in Player’s Club or accessing your Player’s Club account requires registration information in order to provide the requested service. Upon registering, you will be asked to provide the Casino with your name, e-mail address or other information as requested

Users can continue to use the Website without providing Personal Information, but customized functionality will not be available. The Website uses cookies, but does not require that a user accept them. A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that is transferred from the Website to the hard drive of your computer. This unique number identifies your browser or your computer, but not the individual, whenever you visit the Website. These cookies will NOT, in and of itself, reveal any Personal Information, such as your name and address. Since these cookies are only text files, they cannot run on your computer, search your computer for other information or transmit any information to anyone. Cookies are used on many major websites. Many browsers are initially set up to accept cookies. If you prefer, you can reset your browser either to notify you when you have received a cookie, or to refuse to accept cookies. To help serve you better, we use cookies to help us remember your choice of language preference, English or French, when visiting the Website. In addition, cookies are used to remember your password should you select this option to facilitate returning to and logging into the Website. Third party cookies are not placed on your computer when you use the Website.

E-mail Services?

The Casino offers members of the Player’s Club Program the choice of subscribing to e-mail services. As part of these services, the Casino may send members information on Casino products, jackpot alerts, promotions, contest notification and other information and features. In order for the Casino to be able to provide you with these e-mail services, we must collect, maintain and use some Personal Information about you. The following is an overview of the information that is collected and how it is used:

Your e-mail address: Your e-mail address will be used to distribute e-mail alerts. If you change your e-mail address, you must unsubscribe then re-subscribe to e-mail alerts. The Casino does not maintain any “change of e-mail address” information about you

Date Permission Given: We will keep a record, associated with your e-mail address of the date you subscribed to e-mail alerts and gave us permission to send e-mail to you.

Contests and Promotions

In addition to registration for services at the Website, we will ask you for other necessary Personal Information when you enter a contest, promotion, provide a testimonial, or provide information for a survey or questionnaire through the Website. Exactly how that information will be used will be contained in any applicable contest or promotion rules, or on the questionnaire.

Third Parties

Other companies may offer our guests services, either at our physical locations or in association with the Casino, including third parties whose websites are linked from the Website. This privacy policy does not extend to the data collection practices of third parties and we do not assume any responsibility for the privacy practices, policies or actions of any third parties. You should refer to the privacy policies of third parties, and make an informed decision whether or not to use their services based upon their privacy practices and your discretion.

Who is collecting the information?

Personal information provided to us (whether via the Website, telephone, fax, or in person) is collected directly by the Casino, unless we have contracted with a third-party service provider to do so on our behalf. When third-parties operate promotions or contests or collect information through surveys or questionnaires on our behalf, we require that all Personal Information collected is only used for the purposes intended. Participation in contests, promotions, surveys or questionnaires are entirely voluntary.

How is Personal Information used?

We may use the Personal Information collected as follows:

  • To offer our users the ability to customize or personalize content on the Website
  • To deliver products and services requested by consumers
  • If you enter a contest or promotion or provide a testimonial or complete surveys or questionnaires through the Website, we will use the Personal Information you provided to contact you in the event you win or to confirm the testimonial.

We use anonymous, aggregate customer data as follows:

  • To perform statistical analyses of the collective characteristics and behavior of our Website visitors. (Without such data, it would be difficult for us to know what the most popular areas of the Website are, and it would be difficult for us to change and update the content and services appropriately.)
  • To monitor and improve our operations and to maintain the quality of our products and services.

Do we share the information that is collected?

We may disclose Personal Information to our agents, suppliers and service providers in conjunction with providing you with products and services. Such entities are required to use Personal Information provided solely for such purposes. We do not sell, rent or lease customer lists to third parties.

How can you access, edit or delete your information?

For access to your Personal Information, please contact our Privacy Officer, whose contact information is above. A request should be in writing and should include sufficient identifying information so that we can expeditiously locate your Personal Information. To delete your Personal Information relating to the e-mail alert functionality currently offered on the Website, please follow the unsubscribe process available through the link located at the bottom of the e-mail. We will always offer our guests the opportunity to opt out of any future mailings in regards to new services or promotions.

What type of security procedures is in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of your information?

We have industry–standard security measures in place to attempt to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of your Personal Information under our control. We attempt to keep such information in secure facilities, protected from unauthorized access and kept only as long as is reasonably required. Personal information about you will only be accessible to authorized employees and representatives who require access to this information in the performance of their duties. We have imposed strict rules on employees who have access to the databases that store user Personal Information or to the servers that host our services. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration to data will not occur we make reasonable efforts to prevent such occurrences. We will not be liable for any use or disclosure of your Personal Information that is beyond our reasonable control.

Other Information Collected

We are required to collect and use Personal Information pursuant to various federal and provincial laws, some of which are specifically described below.

Nova Scotia Gaming Control Act & Casino Regulations

Under the Gaming Control Act (Nova Scotia) and the Casino Regulations, the Casino is required to maintain detailed transactional records that are open for inspection by government authorities. In addition, the law requires that only individuals over the age of nineteen are allowed to participate in any casino game, promotion or other age-restricted event. To implement compliance with this law, the Casino may require satisfactory identification complete with proof of age from any person using its facilities. The Act and Regulations require that the Casino install and maintain a video surveillance system in the Casino complex.

Nova Scotia Liquor Control Act & Liquor License Board Regulations

The Nova Scotia Liquor Control Act and Liquor License Board Regulations require the Casino to collect and/or verify certain Personal Information in connection with operating facilities licensed for the service of liquor. Pursuant to this legislation, we may require proof of identity and proof of age in connection with service at any food-service establishment or in connection with functions held in our facilities.

Age Requirement

All Casino facilities and activities, including the Website, are solely directed at individuals who are over the age of nineteen. The Casino does not knowingly collect Personal Information from individuals younger than nineteen years old.

Comments and Complaints

If you have any concerns related to our personal information handling practices or the manner in which your personal information has been collected, used or disclosed, please speak with one of our representatives at the Casino promotions desk. If your concerns are not immediately resolved to your satisfaction, please contact our designated privacy officer (whose contact information is above). It is our privacy officer’s job to investigate your concerns and to attempt to resolve any complaint as expeditiously and as fairly as possible. If a complaint is found to be justified, we will take appropriate measures, including, if necessary, amending its policies and practices.